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The practice of Yoga is for everyone, and the secret is to figure out how you should practice! In practicing asanas, or poses, start by looking at your body type. Do you need to create strength and stability, or less strengthening but more opening? A balanced practice will give you what you need, which will change depending on the weather, season, quality of mind that day, doshic influences, age, health, and your energy level.

“I have taken yoga from Kim since she taught at the YMCA part-time in 1998. I have taken other yoga classes in Indiana; in Denver, Colorado; and in Chicago, Illinois but have never found a teacher like Kim Sellers. (I even mentioned her in one of my NPR pieces because she is so awesome!)  She talks you through the pose, what you could be thinking, what your body should be doing and also the formal names and origins of each pose. I also love the space and spiritual ambiance she creates. Kim offers assistance for any yoga level from beginners to people who want to become yoga teachers themselves.” ~ H. N. 

Dear Kim,
Today's class culminating in back work was, I thought, one of the best I've been lucky enough to be part of. Thank you so much for your careful and insightful teaching. I feel very lucky to have you "keeping me on my toes." ~ A.C.


No matter what is going on that day, just get on your mat. Something good will happen, just let your practice come up naturally, and you will feel better.

“Kim gives the best explanations on how the mind and body work together! Her words echo in my mind daily and I tell everyone how great her class makes me feel. The benefits of yoga are so rewarding and healing for whatever ails you!” ~ J.S.

"Kim Sellers is an excellent yoga teacher. She never fails to make her classes interesting, insightful, and a real work-out. I always leave very satisfied and renewed." ~ Joyce M.

“I am now moved to the new place Cincinnati, and definitely missing the Yoga class… probably one of the best memories from South Bend; thank you!!!” ~ Anirban K.

When practicing Yoga, much more is happening that we can be aware of. We know that physically Hatha Yoga affects our nervous system; endocrine system; respiratory and circulatory systems; digestive/eliminative systems; musculoskeletal system; and others.
But we are influencing much more than just the physical body. Yoga has a direct effect on the five koshas, or sheaths, and touches the annamaya kosha, or gross or physical body, which is most easily noticed. More subtle are Yoga’s effects on the pranamaya kosha which is the breath or life-force body; the manomaya kosha or mental body; the vijanamaya kosha or wisdom body; and the anandamaya kosha known as our bliss or spirit body. For this reason, it is important to not try and force your practice, and to pay attention to what you are feeling. So many other influences in our culture tell us to push and give 110%, but in your Yoga practice it can be wise to do the opposite.

“Thank you for helping me feel better! I was worried about the pain in my hip and leg and they are now pretty much gone. THANK YOU! I am very thankful to have such a knowledgeable teacher!! ~A.C.

I first met Kim shortly after I had just started practicing yoga back in 2002 and she replaced the yoga instructor that was previously doing the classes where I had started. I have remained with Kim through the years because of her expertise to the art of yoga along with the wisdom that she has taught, learning to look within and staying balanced to handle whatever situation life tosses my way. She has always been careful to pay special attention to alignment with all of the asanas and doing any necessary modifications for those that have special concerns. Every week there is something new to be learned with Kim whether it's about a particular asana and the anatomy behind it or learning something new about yoga and its culture. I feel so blessed and very fortunate to have been with Kim for so long and hope to have many more years ahead with her. Namaste, Joyce K.

In learning to control our bodies we become more in control of our minds. We become less reactive, more conscious, and can learn to see more objectively and clearly. The wisdom and awareness that we develop in our Yoga practice sneaks up on us, and starts to carry over into other parts of our lives. We start to see who we really are, and from that knowledge our lives become easier as we live from a place of better understanding ourselves and our world. We no longer see ourselves as separate from the world around us, and begin to make peace with our true nature.