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Kim with Bobo the Elephant

Jaipur India 2006; thanking Bobo for the ride!

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Quoting Patanjali:

The 5 Obstacles/5 Kleshas/5 Causes of Rebirth  (starts in Sutra 2.3)

  1. Avidya: spiritual ignorance; not seeing clearly; believing in impermanent  vs. permanent; non-discrimination (the 1st spiritual step being discrimination.)  The other 4 kleshas come from this one.
  2. Abhinivesha: the will to live; identifying with the (impermanent) body; fear of death.
  3. Asmita: identification with the ego.  I-am-ness.
  4. Raga: attachment to things, people, habits, ideas, thoughts, etc. Freedom comes when we learn to let go.
  5. Dvesha: aversion to people, things, ideas, etc.

sand yantra of anahata chakra

Kim has spent time at and become connected to Saradeswari Ashram, located in Kolkata (Calcutta), India. The ashram, founded in 1895 by Gauri-ma, is part of the Ramakrishna lineage, and has always been run by female renunciates with the intention of uplifting the women of India. The ashram includes a school for girls, some of whom may have no other access to an education. Saradeswari Ashram has helped untold numbers of neighborhood families and orphaned children both physically and spiritually. To make a monetary donation to the ashram, please send a check to Sacred Waters, 16990 Douglas Rd, Mishawaka, IN 46545; please note that your donation is to go to the Ashram. Or go to the website and use paypal. Life is very simple there, and help is always appreciated; namaste.

Sacred Waters

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